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"Community of Movers" & "Stir Up Drama"
"Community of Movers: Encouraging and Managing Thoughtful Movement in the Classroom," presented by Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist Valerie Branch: In this workshop, participants will explore the elements of dance and specific movement strategies that will empower educators to use and facilitate movement-led teaching and learning. Participants will learn how dance fosters classroom community development and engagement by setting classroom expectations and creating a fun learning environment while connecting to core curriculum. This workshop will inspire child-led learning and participation and help educators nurture their children's self-discovery by encouraging them to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings through movement.

"Stir Up Drama with Emotion," presented by Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist Jennifer Ridgway: Children experience a range of emotions as they interact with their peers, caretakers, and environment. These emotions stem from everyday experiences and affect children's ability to empathize and build healthy relationships, as well as learn and recall core academic learning goals. This participatory workshop explores how adults can use role play and drama in the classroom to help young children recognize, label, understand, and regulate emotions in order to develop and practice emotional intelligence. By learning how to facilitate dramatic play, participants will discover ways to relate a child's past, present, and future emotional experience, build their observation skills, engage their senses, and allow for a rehearsal of life.
Single class scheduled on 2/9/2019 at 10:00AM
Attendees: 1 $ 25.00 ea.